By Leo Ryan

The calendar is not a line, but a loop — Basilio Boullosa, I Know Why I Was Born

In Rafael Alavarez’ new book, Basilio Boullosa Stars In The Fountain Of Highlandtown time is not merely a loop, it is a mobius strip, where the past and the present are woven inextricably, neither ending nor beginning. The book is a collection of short stories, all featuring Basilio Boullosa, Alvarez’ literary alter ego. Continue reading…


Baltimoreans have a predilection for commemorating historical events, from the momentous to the obscure.
Ouija board

A few everyday items for which you can thank Charm City.
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The mobster's gift for medical care he received in Baltimore.

Crabtown Observed

At Ikaros, customers become friends and friends are longtime customers. They eat and love and celebrate until the day when others are toasting to their memory.

This was one place where Baltimoreans mixed, and could get a pretty good meal.
Brandy “Marzipain” Tomhave

I was a jammer on the roller derby track.