O'Donnell Square, Canton

Captain John O’Donnell, the 18th century seafaring merchant, founded the Baltimore community of Canton on a fortune made through trade – including Turkish opium, according to historians – in the Chinese port of the same name.

O’Donnell, who brought cattle to Baltimore and goods from the Orient peculiar enough to attract George Washington’s wallet, died a rich man in 1805, long before the legacy of his estate would employ tens of thousands of laborers while making many men much richer than he. Continue reading…


Baltimoreans have a predilection for commemorating historical events, from the momentous to the obscure.
Ouija board

A few everyday items for which you can thank Charm City.
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The mobster's gift for medical care he received in Baltimore.

Crabtown Observed


This was one place where Baltimoreans mixed, and could get a pretty good meal.
Brandy “Marzipain” Tomhave

I was a jammer on the roller derby track.
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Drawings of barn swallows and magpies while egg sandwiches fly out the door of G&A.