About Us

Photo: Katrina Williams, Katrina Krauss Photography

Baltimore is many things to many people — a hometown, a travel destination, the backdrop of a favorite movie or television show. Baltimore is one of a kind: an unpretentious blue-collar city south of the Mason-Dixon line but not quite southern; a former industrial town revitalized with a vibrant waterfront and urban life; a big city with a small town feel.

It’s a place steeped in history with its own unique quirks and culture, a city with character that celebrates characters.

Welcome To Baltimore, Hon! is a sort of virtual scrapbook to help visitors and residents explore the city — its past and present — and find interesting activities for the whole family.


Publisher and Executive Editor: Bruce Goldfarb
Contributors: Rafael Alvarez, Caryn Coyle, Lenora Genovese, Reed Hellman, Noam Sane
Cartoonist in Residence: Tom Chalkley

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