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Son of a Hon! New Trademark Claim Surfaces

A new claim on a familiar term of endearment threatens to reignite the hontroversy.

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Al Capone’s Cherry Tree

In November of 1939, notorious mobster Al Capone was released from federal custody after serving almost eight years in Alcatraz for tax evasion. Capone traveled to Baltimore for

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Ten of the Most Baltimore Things that Ever Happened

I recently fell for a piece of Buzzfeed clickbait -- 13 Of The Most Baltimore Things That Ever Happened -- which turned out to be a disappointingly lame

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The Year of Living Hon-gerously

For most of 2011, Baltimore was embroiled in a very unusual controversy. A whole community, it seemed, turned against one person. There were protests and boycotts, confrontations, acts of

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“Of Dolls and Murder” Baltimore Premiere

Join us June 5 at the Hollywood Theatre in Arbutus as Welcome To Baltimore, Hon! hosts the area premiere of


Samuel Morse and the Telephone Pole

During the 1830s and 1840s, Samuel Morse had a workshop in Relay, a community near the Patapsco River, where he developed the single-wire telegraph system. Unable to obtain funding

WTBH Joins NewsTrust Baltimore

Welcome To Baltimore, Hon! is pleased to become a media partner of NewsTrust Baltimore, a local news experiment funded by the Open Society Foundations. NewsTrust Baltimore supports quality journalism

Daily Camden Exhibit Update

A selection of images from the Daily Camden are on exhibit and for sale at Ikaros in Greektown. Proceeds from sale of the images goes to RBI, an


Hon: Past Present and Future

The ongoing Hontroversy unearthed a deep vein of emotion that is far more meaningful than a hairdo or a sticker. William Patrick Tandy, publisher of the acclaimed Smile Hon,


The Hon Manifesto

In recent weeks there has been considerable wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth over Denise Whiting's claim of exclusive ownership of commercial rights to the word “HON.” UPDATE:The