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Crabtown Observed No. 16: Birds & Small Talk

It’s the morning of January 11, 2012–a gray, cold Wednesday in Highlandtown–and as people wait outside for the bus on Eastern Avenue, Andy Farantos dumps a stainless steel tray of potatoes on the grill in the front window of G&A […]

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Crabtown Observed No. 14: Looking Out the Window on Eastern Avenue

It is an image worthy of the very best of immigrant literature, Call It Sleep, by Henry Roth; film -- Coppola's Godfather Part II -- and art, particularly

Crabtown Observed No. 13: Wire Actor Waxes Poetic on Indie Film

As jet-set Hollywood actor Doug Olear hops from one coast to the other – whether baking bread in his Beverly Hills apartment or breaking bread with old friends

Crabtown Observed No. 12: The Rock & Roll Regrets of Richard Snyder

"God's third mistake was the invention of the poodle . . ." -- Frank Zappa Richard Snyder, the coolest cat on Orchard Road in suburban Linthicum back in the days

Crabtown Observed #11: Remembering the Deluxe Theatre

By Bill Hughes I grew up during World War II in Locust Point, a peninsula that juts out into Baltimore harbor. At its cutting edge lies Fort McHenry, the birthplace

Crabtown Observed #10: Wishful Thinking on Falls Road

"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt ..." -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1922 to 2007) I am not a fan of graffiti, which I deem to be vandalism. The graffiti on the

Crabtown Observed #9: Footlong Farewell on Film

"My greatest desire is to get my picture made with the life-size wax likeness of Harriet Tubman. If the guards take mercy on me & allow me to indulge

Crabtown Observed #8: The Daily Camden

One of Baltimore’s great photographers was Leroy Merriken, a street shooter near the end of a career that had begun in the Roaring ‘20s, when I landed on

Crabtown Observed #7: Corbett and Scalia Score in Writing Game

Christopher Corbett, a professor of English at UMBC, released his third book: Poker Bride, a history of the Chinese in the American West. And Rosalia Scalia -- who

Crabtown Observed #6: Footlong Franks Goes Too Soon

The poetic stuntman David “Footlong” Franks was found dead in his Fells Point apartment the second week of January, not long before his 62nd birthday. He was honored