Crabtown Observed

Slices of Baltimore life in tasty morsels of anecdote.

Welcome to Ikaros: The Xenos Kohilas Story

At Ikaros, customers become friends and friends are longtime customers. They eat and love and celebrate until the day when others are toasting to their memory.

No. 17: A Hankering for Horn & Horn

This was one place where Baltimoreans mixed, and could get a pretty good meal.
Brandy “Marzipain” Tomhave

No. 16: Death Match! Roller Derby vs. the Blank Page

I was a jammer on the roller derby track.
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No. 15: Birds & Small Talk

Drawings of barn swallows and magpies while egg sandwiches fly out the door of G&A.

It is an image worthy of the very best of immigrant literature, Call It Sleep, by Henry Roth; film — Coppola’s Godfather Part II — and art, particularly the 1913 ...