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Finding the Catonsville Nine

The Catonsville Nine had been on my mind long before reading Rafael Alvarez’s poignant eulogy of Philip Berrigan. On May 17, 1968, Berrigan and eight others entered the Selective Service Office in Catonsville, seized hundreds of draft records, and burned […]

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The Cartoon Map of Baltimore

Welcome To Baltimore, Hon! is pleased to unveil something new and really cool – the Cartoon Map of Baltimore. Local writer and cartoonist Tom Chalkley created an amazingly detailed

Crabtown Observed #7: Corbett and Scalia Score in Writing Game

Christopher Corbett, a professor of English at UMBC, released his third book: Poker Bride, a history of the Chinese in the American West. And Rosalia Scalia -- who

Remembering Robin

I have lost my Thomas Wolfe connection. While I was rereading Look Homeward, Angel a year or so ago, I was approached by someone who told me there

Happy New Year Woo

New Year's Eve of '01-02 was the first spent with the woman who is now my wife. We went to Federal Hill to watch the fireworks. It was bitter

The Dizz

The Dizz, located at 300 W. 30th Street, has been named Baltimore’s best neighborhood bar by the City Paper. For twenty-two years, Elaine Stevens has run the establishment,

Crabtown Observed #3

A Letter from Joppa / October 2009 “Isn’t it a shame that Haussner’s is closed? They made the best breaded veal cutlet I ever had . . .” -

Encountering the Poe Toaster

Early in the pre-dawn morning of January 19, 2009, my son, Phillip, and I saw the Poe Toaster, the person who leaves cognac and three roses at the

No City Has Stood Up For Poe Like Baltimore

Before we start talking about the 160th anniversary of the death of Edgar Allan Poe, let's make one thing clear: Philadelphia will never get Poe’s body out of

The Sweet Life of Duff Goldman

As viewers of Food Networks' Ace of Cakes know, producing the confections of Charm City Cakes is likely to involve power tools and a blow torch. Detroit