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Photoshopping Fort McHenry

Cruising through the murky water on an Inner Harbor water tour brings to mind the intervals from historic events.

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Three Creepy Places to Visit

Get into the spirit of Halloween by visiting places that appeal to the morbidly curious. We know where you can walk through a spooky catacombs, view miniature models

BWI Marshall: The Airport at 60

It was a quick flight. Probably less time than the President’s motorcade needed to drive across the Arlington Memorial Bridge, along the Mount Vernon Parkway, and into National

Memorial Day, 2010: Ocean City, Maryland

For every story in the City of Baltimore during the winter, there are a baker’s dozen to be had down the ocean between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Here

The Evolution of the Inner Harbor

Inspired by an impressive collection of postcards and images at, I decided to begin another project that's been on my mind a while - creating a visual

The Wire: A Streetview Tour

View The Wire: A Streetview Tour in a larger map Shot on location during its five-year run on HBO, Baltimore was more than a backdrop and setting for The

A Sense of Place

 DUFF GOLDMAN AT THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT. CLICK FOR FULL-SIZE. Baltimore’s noted buildings, gardens and historical landmarks are documented in countless coffee table picture books. Photographer Bill McAllen and

Buried in Baltimore

View Larger Map After a fair amount of work and a lot of trudging around town with a camera and handheld GPS, I'm pleased to unveil the first phase

Watch Airplanes

Thomas A. Dixon Jr. Aircraft Observation Area On the southern border of BWI airport, you can sit at the end of the northwest-southeast runway as planes take off and

Places to Go, Things to Do

No bragging, just fact. Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! has the most complete list of museums, galleries and other places of interest around town. Whether you're in town for