Ralphie on the Road

The cross-country adventures of Rafael Alvarez


Ralphie on the Road #10: Port Arthur to the Pelican State (With a Nod to Charley & Bartoli’s Bali Green Ghia)

A good night's sleep away in El Caballo Blanco, following the path of Steinbeck and a green Ghia.
ROTR no. 9 art TWO (1)

Ralphie on the Road #9: Not-So-Weird-Anymore-Austin & Cry, Cry Baby

Carrier pigeon dispatches between my daughter Amelia and me on January 15, 2008 as I took my good old time approaching Austin, Texas from the west. Me: “Hello from the ...

Ralphie on the Road #8: Junction to Fredericksburg, Mid-January 2008

I don’t have Einstein’s brain in the trunk, but I wish I did. Poe’s writing hand or the pinky upon which the guitarist Elmore James wore his metal slide — ...

Ralphie on the Road #7: Baghdad as the Alamo

“They say that if you bury a child’s umbilical cord in Texas, they will always come back home.” – Jane Goforth, January 2008. I’m pretty sure my umbilical cord went ...

On Monday – the 14th of January, birthday of Benedict Arnold – I pulled off of State Route 90 in Texas and into the fabled town of Marfa.