Crabtown Observed No. 14: Looking Out the Window on Eastern Avenue

It is an image worthy of the very best of immigrant literature, Call It Sleep, by Henry Roth; film — Coppola’s Godfather Part II — and art, particularly the 1913 painting “Cliff Dwellers,” by the George Bellows of the Ash Can School.

Photo: David Mislak

And there is no better local setting for it than East Baltimore, which has welcomed waves of foreign-born pilgrims well before German Catholics began pouring in about the mid-19th century, leaving their mark with skills in brewing and meat cutting and an obsession for cleanliness and order.

[Note to the current posse of “English-only” crusaders: In 1873, the German influx in Baltimore was so great that the City Council established bi-lingual schools to teach kids in both English and German. By 1913, more than 40,000 Germans a year were arriving in Baltimore. Source: Maryland Historical Society.]

Photo: Macon Street Books

David Mislak, a Dundalk boy whose paternal grandparents arrived in Baltimore from Poland via Ellis Island about 1900, caught a glimpse of generations of hope and disappointment earlier this year from the second floor of the Patterson Bowling Center near Holy Rosary Church.

It was January 22, 2011 during a party at the old-school duckpin alley for Mislak’s grandson Benjamin Gentry, a 12-year-old St. Casimir parochial school student whose heritage is a mixture of Polish, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

“I happened to look out the window from the second floor and saw the [Hispanic] baby in the window across the street at the corner of Eastern and Chester,” said Mislak. “I loved the way she was staring down at the street.”

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  1. Bonnie Hockstein 6 years ago

    I was pretty happy during my years at Holy Rosary School. Anyone wanting to go to heaven had to be Catholic-CHECK! Anyone wanting to attend Holy Rosary School had to speak Polish-CHECK. Later I realized that the students of HRS had to speak Polish because the Black kids couldn’t. SNAP!

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