Daily Camden

Every day during the 2010 baseball season, Welcome To Baltimore, Hon! published a new image of Camden Yards – the building, the fans, the players, the unknown – from photographers throughout the greater Baltimore community.

Every day brought a different view by a different photographer, documenting life in and around Camden Yards.

April 6, 2010

Father and son Baltimoreans John G. Elliott IV and John G Elliott V.

Photo: John Elliott, Rohan Photo Agency

Photographer’s Moment: “Hey, it’s day one, game one, even though the O’s are on the road. It never hurts to dream big!”

April 7, 2010

Photo: Heather Coburn, Heather Coburn Photography

Photographer’s Moment: “The infrared images make dramatic and surreal looking landscapes. As a photographer, one must to look through a different set of eyes when photographing using infrared. It makes the exercise challenging, and also fun.”

April 8, 2010

Photo: Wayne C. Countryman

Photographer’s Moment: “I walked down to the stadium on my lunch break and found Greg Fischer of Arundel Signs affixing a plaque to Brooks Robinson’s No. 5 while fans picked up tickets a day before the Orioles’ home opener.”

April 9, 2010

Outfielder Adam Jones, #10, blows a bubble at the Orioles home opener at Camden Yards.

Photo: Kristine Buls, Kristine Buls Photographic

Photographer’s Moment: “Baseball is just fun. I was watching the infield from the standing room section when I saw Adam Jones blowing a big bubble. It just made me laugh.”

April 10, 2010

Photo: Alex Glaeser

Photographer’s Moment: “Excitement was in the air as crowds of Os fans lined up about 30 minutes before the game.”

April 11, 2010

Left to right: Frank Smith, Jake Gruszecki, Johnny Smith, Nick Gruszecki.

Photo: Bruce Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “It didn’t take long to find my shot. As I approached Camden Yards I spotted the coloration of Oriolus baltophilia — baseball fans — in their native habitat.

April 12, 2010

Photo: Edwin Remsberg

Photographer’s Moment: “The stadium was nearly empty. I don’t think I have ever seen so few people at a game. Still it is a grand structure, and I ended up wanting a picture that kept the dignity of the place intact. It was a lovely night and the dusk was brilliant. If only a few more people could have seen it.”

April 13, 2010

Pboto: Sharon Reuter

Photographer’s Moment: “I saw a lonely usher talking to a spectator. Attendance was really low so there was plenty of simple shots to be taken. The glowing orange jacket contrasted with the gray cement walls.”

April 14, 2010

Photo: Antero Pietila

Photographer’s Moment: “This is my wife Barbara leaving a cheap plastic prop at the Babe Ruth statue before an afternoon game. Strictly speaking, the Babe wasn’t a Baltimore player. He went to reform school here but did his best work elsewhere.”

April 15, 2010

Photo: Lori Sears

Photographer’s Moment: “He laid there awhile with people just walking past and looking at him. It was noon on Thursday. I’m not used to such a sight at Oriole Park. The drunk dude stirred, got up and walked away.”

April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010.

Photo: Kristine Buls

Photographer’s Moment: “I thought I had what I wanted and then I turned around to go and saw Babe facing the Bromo Seltzer Tower with a bright blue sky for a background. Babe Ruth and the Bromo Seltzer Tower — two reasons to love Baltimore.”

April 17, 2010

Photo: Samantha Thieler

Photgrapher’s Moment: “It was chilly and very windy. I liked the shadow against the B&O warehouse. The streetlights made me think of Christmas in the middle of the baseball season.”

April 18, 2010

Photo: Jason Policastro

Photographer’s Moment: “A tattered banner of Adam Jones, on the backside of the scoreboard, taken from Eutaw Street. I just thought it was a tragically accurate visual representation of the current state of the team.”

April 19, 2010

Photo: Sam Smith

Photographer’s Moment: “A mid-day tour of the ballpark, even though the Orioles are away and they stand at 2 wins and 11 losses.”

April 20, 2010

Photo: George Hagegeorge

Photographer’s Moment: “The last bit of glow from evening lamp-lights mixes with the light of the morning sun at Camden Yards.”

April 21, 2010

Photo: Ray Alcaraz

Photographer’s Moment: “The Eutaw Street entrances to Camden Yards get all the attention. I like stopping by Schaefer Circle, a nice way to remember the man helped get the stadium built.”

April 22, 2010

Photo: Bryan Vana

Photographer’s Moment: “Today was my first time using The Impossible Project’s new Silver Shade film (also shot some Time Zero Fade to Black). I was asked to leave the property with my SX-70 and tripod only fifteen minutes or so after I started shooting, so I snuck up into the Hilton’s skywalk and shot the entrance from across the street.”

April 23, 2010

Photo: Vicki Contie

Photographer’s Moment: “Some of my favorite photos of Camden Yards include a glimpse of the Bromo Seltzer Tower. Here’s a view of the ballpark from high atop the iconic structure. Thanks to arts tower manager Joe Wall for access.”

April 24, 2010

Photo: Theo Epstein

Photographer’s Moment: “My camera was small enough to fit through the bars of Eutaw street into the stadium, and so I was able to make a photograph which gives the impression that I was actually on the other side with my camera.”

April 25, 2010

Photo: Anne Haddad

Photographer’s Moment: “It was a desolate day at Camden Yards. Foggy, cold and nearly empty. Trey Wildey, of Carney, came to buy tickets to take his father to a game Friday as a birthday present, but found the ticket booths shuttered.”

April 26, 2010

Photo: Greg Schwalenberg

Photographer’s Moment: “This is a look into Oriole Park from an employee’s view. Judy has been working for the Orioles for many years and is the most cheerful person you ever want to meet. Note the fake baseball through the window.”

April 27, 2010

Photo: Mark Szczybor

Photographer’s Moment: “BEER MAN!”

April 28, 2010

Photo: Lawrence Lanahan

Photographer’s moment: “Attendance at Oriole Park is now ‘wave-proof.'”

April 29, 2010

Photo: James “New York Jim” Allen

Photographer’s Moment: “The calm before the storm. It’s gonna be another sad day in Mudville for the O’s …”

April 30, 2010

Photo: Caryn Coyle

Photographer’s Moment: As a Boston native who now calls Baltimore home, I am ‘on the fence’ about who to root for.”

May 1, 2010

Photo: Gregg Wilhelm

Photographer’s Moment: “Artistic portrait of the yard…”

May 2, 2010

Photo: Kristi Cory

Photographer’s Moment: “I took the pic with my medium format Holga. I’ve been experimenting with this new style and decided to use it for the Camden project. And the game was amazing. Go O’s !”

May 3, 2010

Photo: Stacy Spaulding

Photographer’s Moment: “Just after we saw the sophisticated communications center and production equipment where the staff controls the video feeds to the park’s LED displays, we walked to the lower level of the press box and saw a simple switch at the official scorer’s seat. Press H for hit or E for error — it doesn’t get much more high tech than that.”

May 4, 2010

Photo: William Patrick Tandy

Photographer’s Moment: “But I’m on the list!:

May 5, 2010

Photo: Josh Michalski

Photographer’s Moment: “The gate shadow was interesting and the difference between the lines of the shadow and the walkway were cool.”

May 6, 2010

Photo: Leslie F. Miller

Photographer’s Moment: “I call this one ‘Aspire.’ I have a thing for birds — almost any kind of bird, though I do tend to go for the underbird: the much-maligned pigeon, the fearsome crow, and the Baltimore Orioles. So I look up, especially at sunrise, when anything is still possible…”

May 7, 2010

Photo: D. R. Belz

Photographer’s Moment: The Memorial Stadium memorial garden [at Camden Yards] is a contemplative spot. In mythology, a stadium was a distance the length of six hundred footsteps, originally paced off by Hercules. They’ve always been — and always will be — places to recall the glory of heroes.”

May 8, 2010

Photo: Christopher Reed.

Photographer’s Moment: “I woke up at 5 am and drove downtown. At 5:25 am, I was on the MLK Blvd exit ramp, from 395, looking down at the intersection of Lee and Conway. I like the silhouette of the stadium with the crosswalk at a diagonal. I used my Canon PowerShot SX10IS. It stayed in focus the whole time.”

May 9, 2010

Photo: Jennifer Bishop

Photographer’s Moment: “This morning [Mother’s Day] the area around Camden Yards was quiet and empty…but baseballs on the sidewalk rose silently out of the shadows like the moon. The tree branches looked like clouds passing over the moon, but if I reached out my hand I could almost touch it …”

May 10, 2010

Photo: Janet Little Jeffers

Photographer’s Moment: “No game today, so it was a very quiet day at the park, but I did run into Bob Turk as he was walking out of Attman’s. I took the opportunity of a mostly-deserted location to explore the architectural details of the stadium. These gate surfaces almost blend into the gates when you look at them straight on, but I liked the way — if you looked at them at just the right angle — they came to life, reflecting the sky and the surroundings.”

May 11, 2010

Photo: The Baltimore Chop

Photographer’s Moment: “One of the foul poles moved from Memorial Stadium to Camden Yards. I did the best I could to get a shot on a freezing rainy Tuesday… and all I got was this Matusz T-shirt.”

May 12, 2010

Photo: Tom LoBianco

Photographer’s Moment: “My dad took us to Memorial Stadium to see the Bowie Baysox after the O’s moved to Camden Yards. And there was Tippy’s Taco stand, named for a guy I knew nothing about but my dad knew all about him. This shot is for my dad.”

May 13, 2010

Photo: Phillip Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “At night the guard’s shack is a beacon of light in a sea of darkness around Camden Yards. I wonder what’s inside.”

May 14, 2010

Photo: Bill Reuter

Photographer’s Moment: “The game was delayed about an hour by a thunderstorm. When it finally got underway there was this gorgeous sunset.”

May 15, 2010

Photo: Cara Wood

Photographer’s Moment: “Hard at work in the press box… if this really qualifies as work.”

May 16, 2010

Photo: Amanda Gingery Hostalka

Photographer’s Moment: “It’s about the kids.”

May 17, 2010

Photo: Howard Elbaum

Photographer’s Moment: “I thought a picture in fractured space represents the Orioles fractured season. After expectations of improvement, everything seems to have broken apart.”

May 18, 2010

Photo: William “Billy D” Driscoll

Photographer’s Moment: “I walked over to the ball park at lunch during an intermittent drizzle. I would have ridden the free Charm City Circulator but my timing was off and some of the stops were blocked by construction. The ball park was pretty empty, just a few tour groups. I met a retired cop from South Jersey. We watched the field crew unfold the tarp. I snapped this picture as a bunch of tourists were taking or had just taken pictures of the field.”

May 19, 2010

Photo: Daisy Hart

Photographer’s Moment: “The last Orioles game at Memorial Stadium was played on September 30, 1991, when I was only two months old. So to me and the rest of my generation, Camden Yards has always been home to the Orioles. But having these words at Camden Yards serves as a permanent link to the legendary Memorial Stadium for all generations.”

May 20, 2010

Photo: David Morley

Photographer’s Moment: “A view of Camden Yards I see more often than one from inside. I need to go to more games!”

May 21, 2010

Photo: Jennifer Lincoln

Photographer’s Moment: “I have traveled to many ballparks across America but none quite as lovely as Camden Yards. It represents a beautiful vision of Baltimore’s past, present and future. The wonder of the warehouse, nostalgic statues and the monstrous posters are captivating. As an artist one of my favorite aspects of the park is the lighting at dusk … twilight.”

May 22, 2010

Photo: Steve Auerweck.

Photographer’s Moment: “A flotilla of American Red Cross trucks waits outside the stadium during a blood drive on the club level.”

May 23, 2010

Photo: Jaime Faherty.

Photographer’s Moment: “It felt so peaceful to look through the number 8 and see the number 5 … as though the number 5 was the only thing around.”

May 24, 2010

Photo: John Morris, Jr.

Photographer’s Moment: “As I walked around the stadium, I desperately tried to find something that called out: “Oriole Baseball.” And it couldn’t be hype. As I headed to the southwestern corner of the park, there it was. The defining connection to a storied past of pride and accomplishment — the Baltimore way, blue collar. Those pennants will never hang anywhere else.”

May 25, 2010

Photo: Sharon Hennegan.

Photographer’s Moment: “This is my everyday daily Camden. I am fortunate enough to work in an office with a view. It was a misty morning and the grounds crew was getting ready to roll up the tarp.”

May 26, 2010

Photo: Brennen Jensen.

Photographer’s Moment: “Aint the beer cold! So were the O’s …”

May 27, 2010

Photo: Sabrina Walters.

Photographer’s Moment: “Before the Orioles game, outside is where all the fun starts. It was safety night at the ballpark.”

May 28, 2010

Photo: Gary Meyerl.

Photographer’s Moment: “With the O’s on the road, the only lines I could find around Oriole Park at Camden Yards were the rhythmic pattern of lines that welcomed me on my early morning walk along West Camden Street.”

May 29, 2010

Photo: Gail Montgomery.

Photographer’s Moment: “I thought about so many different ways I could photograph this historical landmark. I knew I wanted to use a wide angle lens – because Camden Yards is so huge… not just the physical building, the whole place has presence!”

May 30, 2010

Photo: Jim Burger

Note from Rafael Alvarez: “You know how Memorial Stadium isn’t there anymore? Well the guy who was supposed to take today’s photo of Camden Yards wasn’t there either. We expected this to happen. And — with more than 180 dates to fill — it will probably happen again. When it does, we will give you pictures of what isn’t there: Memorial Stadium, R.I.P.”

May 31, 2010

Photo: Noam Sane.

Photographer’s Moment: “At night it is empty and quiet. The heat of the day has broken, and a cool breeze refreshes the landscape. Almost perfect.”

June 1, 2010

Photo: Bonnie Schupp.

Photographer’s Moment: “The empty seats sparkled in the morning sun like hundreds of out-of-focus O’s that seemed so appropriate. A baseball and its reflection add a sharp “O” ­­­in the foreground.”

June 2, 2010

Photo: Susan Reimer.

Photographer’s Moment: “It makes sense that Susan Reimer, the Baltimore Sun’s garden blogger, would see Camden Yards from, well, the ground up.”

June 3, 2010

Photo: John Elliott V.

Photographer’s Moment: “Jim Petrucci & Angel Young — Babe Ruth fans visiting Crabtown from New Jersey.”

June 4, 2010

Photo: S2.

Photographer’s Moment: “The Orioles have a tower to climb … last in the major leagues … a new interim manager — the ninth skipper under the Angelos ownership since 1993 …”

June 5, 2010

Photo: David Michael Ettlin.

Photographer’s Moment: “Construction of the Hilton Hotel annoyed many fans as an obstacle to the view of Baltimore’s cityscape from Oriole Park. But sitting inside the stadium and seeing the hotel room balconies, you had to wonder what the ballpark looked like from up there.”

June 6, 2010

Photo: Tom Fijalkovic.

Photographer’s Moment: “Earl, come back … a shot in HDR for a different perspective …”

June 7, 2010

Photo: Olivia Obineme.

Photographer’s Moment: “A good day to play some baseball (even though the O’s had off).”

June 8, 2010

Photo: Justin Tsucalas.

Photographer’s Moment: “A flag but not a pennant …”

June 9, 2010

Photo: Anne Haddad.

Photographer’s Moment: “I thought it was another ballpark proposal for the Jumbo-tron until Erika Shaver [a Virginia native] kindly informed me that Hughes is a pitcher for the Yankees … “

June 10, 2010

Photo: Jessica Myles Henkin.

Photographer’s Moment: “Fans glide to the ground level of Camden Yards on the thrill of a rare Birds’ win: Orioles 4, Yankees 3.”

June 11, 2010

Photo: Alex Hewett.

Photographer’s Moment: “I found baseball romance — a Met fan and an Oriole fan sitting in the shade before the game. I asked if they were in love and they said yes.”

June 12, 2010

Photo: Jeff Frasco.

Photographer’s Moment: “This was the third year in a row that I ended up at the Yard on Ravens rally day … this year’s hat was the most interesting and well-made of the give-aways. This level of quality almost seems to be in contrast with the rest of the organization’s output this year.”

June 13, 2010

Photo: Amelia Alvarez.

Photographer’s Moment: “My father — in his full on Birds get-up — in front of a yellow shipping container on the upper deck promenade of Camden Yards.”

June 14, 2010

Photo: Brooke Hall.

Photographer’s Moment: “Mobile technology and a little analog tomfoolery bring a certain gusto to an otherwise gentle and lonely Monday morning at Camden Yards. The scene is captured through the lens of a vintage camera via digital impostor. Lens: John S; Film: Ina’s 1969; Flash: Off; Photo Editing: None; Camera: iPhone 3G.”

June 15, 2010

Photo: George Hagegeorge.

Photographer’s Moment: “When I was a kid I remember my Dad pointing at the train warehouse and telling us how ‘the trains used to pull in there’. I doubt he would have ever expected it to house the Orioles since we always went to Memorial Stadium.”

June 16, 2010

Photo: Kevin Moore.

Photographer’s Moment: “I call this one ‘busted knuckles.’ I met this young man at Camden yards tonight. He was hesitant to let me take his picture because he’d gotten into a fight the night before and didn’t like how his face looked. Assuring him that I’d keep his face out of focus, I asked for his best Pigtown mug.”

June 17, 2010

Photo: Yoko Furukawa.

Photographer’s Moment: “Calm and quiet and Camden Yards on a day when the Birds are in San Diego to play the Padres.”

June 18, 2010

Photo: Naomi Cataldo.

Photographer’s Moment: “I spent my early years in Maryland, grew up in New York and now came full circle and live in Baltimore – this statue of Babe Ruth had me hooked from the moment I walked up to it.”

June 19, 2010

Photo: Melissa Hale.

Photographer’s Moment: “A member of the grounds crew patrols shallow right field while the Birds are in San Diego.”

June 20, 2010

Photo: Rafael Alvarez.

Photographer’s Moment: “On Father’s Day, I couldn’t think of a better image than my kind and gentle father — Manuel Alvarez — standing alongside old No. 4 — emblem for the kind of cantankerous old bulldog that would lead a sensitive kid straight to bong hits and Carly Simon records …”

June 21, 2010

Photo: Dean Bartoli Smith.

Photographer’s Moment: “On the solstice: the homeless man asleep on the bench signifies the state of things on the diamond and in the city. Just beyond the Eutaw Street gate, he’s leaning forward, suspended in sleep, as close to the home team as he can get.”

June 22, 2010

Photo: Alan Reese.

Photographer’s Moment: “Conway Street, from the Inner Harbor to the Yard … we are all pilgrims each day seeking out the place where we can find what we believe in. Today — on Wigginton t-shirt night — it is here for many …”

June 23, 2010

Photo: Yoko Furukawa.

Photographer’s Moment: “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will host the 2010 All-Star game. This is the only Oriole selected for the American League team.”

June 24, 2010

Photo: Anne Haddad.

Photographer’s Moment: “One team coming to cheer on another. Normally, these guys can be seen together on the basketball court, where they are the Thunder, one of the teams at the Robert C. Marshall Recreation Center on Pennsylvania Avenue in West Baltimore. They came to the game against the Marlins — in which Adam Jones launched another bomb into the stands and Millwood got the win — with Melvin Estep, whose son is on the team.”

June 25, 2010

Photo: Joanne Drummond.

Photographer’s Moment: “The Orioles make an amazing comeback against the Nationals to win 7-to-6 in the bottom of the ninth after being down 6 to 0 … and It wouldn’t be baseball without vendors like Joe and Perry. The vendor subculture at Camden Yards is just as entertaining as the history of Major League Baseball.”

June 26, 2010

Photo: Virginia Crawford .

Photographer’s Moment: “As a kid my mom took me to Memorial Stadium every summer. Eddie Murray was always my favorite player. Maybe because he was an excellent 1st baseman, or because of some 40,000 people chanting “E-ddie, E-ddie, E-ddie” creates a great ocean of sound for a kid to get lost in. Whatever the reason, I still love the great No. 33.”

June 27, 2010

Photo: Olivia Obineme.

Photographer’s Moment: “It was way too hot at the Yard on a Sunday afternoon — the mercury hit 100 degrees as the O’s rolled to their fourth straight win — but one youngster made sure to cool off with a sprinkle from her water bottle.”

June 28, 2010

Photo: Samantha Hiaasen.

Photographer’s Moment: “Sprinklers were going off across the street from the ball park which provided not only an idea for an interesting shot, but a way to cool off from the heat.”

June 29, 2010

Photo: Bruce Wallace.

Photographer’s Moment: “The wind picked up a bit at sundown, and I was hoping it would unfurl the Orioles flag. Alas …”

June 30, 2010

Photo: Richard “Senor Guantes” Snyder.

Photographer’s Moment: “So many Matt Wieters bobble heads to give out, so few fans. Guarding the precious bobble heads before the 9 to 6 win over Oakland in which Wieters went 1 for 4.”

July 1, 2010

Photo: Melody Simmons.

Photographer’s Moment: “It was ‘Greek Orthodox Cathedral Night’ at Camden Yards with special $6 tickets. A sign posted at the gate for all to see upon exit. With the Orioles being trounced 8-1, a nearby saxophone player wailed a slow version of “Taps.”

July 2, 2010

Photo: Victoria Vox.

Photographer’s Moment: “Recycling at Camden Yards: I wonder how much plastic was used to make this wonderful recycling bin… but whatever works to get people to recycle!”

July 3, 2010

Photo: Michele Wojciechowski.

Photographer’s Moment: “This letter on the warehouse stood out for me because it reminds me of how buildings once had things painted on them. They can still be seen here and there around town, but seemed to be all over when I was growing up.”

July 4, 2010

Photo: Pamela Wood.

Photographer’s Moment: “While the O’s were up in Boston beating the Red Sox 6 to 1 at Fenway behind Brian Matusz, I took a ballpark tour and was struck by the beauty in the symmetry of the empty seats.”

July 5, 2010

Photo: Jeff Dugan.

Photographer’s Moment: “Graham Dugan, Julia Dugan and Karalin Gibbons prepare for the Orioles to once again reign in the American League East.”

July 6, 2010

Photo: Edwin Remsberg.

Photographer’s Moment: “Water standpipe connections. As a farmer, I am painfully aware that we are in a heat wave/drought (like the 2010 Birds) and the volume of water that thirsty stadium consumes has got to be impressive … I love the inverted bar graph of rust lines underneath.”

July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010

Photo: Baltimore City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young.

Photographer’s Moment: “Camden Yards at 11:35 p.m. on the second day of triple-digit temperatures during the heat wave of 2010.”

July 8, 2010

Photo: Catherine Pancake.

Photographer’s Moment: “Although I’ve lived in Baltimore for 15 years, I’ve never really been to Camden Yards. My assignment fell on a day with 90 plus degree heat and I visited in the scorching sun in mid-afternoon. I was interested in the almost shocking green of the grass like a mystery pool in the middle of the heat wave. My photos reflect references to things coming and going, leaving and entering this attractive, alien lawn.”

July 9, 2010

Photo: Jen Jackson.

Photographer’s Moment: “I love to experiment with perspective and finding geometric shapes in everyday objects. As I was getting ready to leave the park I noticed these lamps with the Orioles flags on them. The shape of the lamps looked beautiful against the bright blue sky which also contrasted with the orange flags.”

July 10, 2010

Photo: Rosalia Scalia.

Photographer’s Moment: “Rainy today, The Yard was deserted, except a guy who didn’t want to be in the picture but asked me to give him a dollar. I took my grandson Angelo and [pooch] Mugsy with me because we had just come from the Docside Vets on Bank Street.”

July 11, 2010

Photo: “Beefalo” Bob Friedman.

Photographer’s Moment: “I don’t know what happened, my camera &%$#@-up just on the day of my big break! It did produce an interesting effect and I like the one of the flying saucer.”

July 12, 2010

Photo: Ken Stanek.

Photographer’s Moment: “Alex has told me many stories of her trips to the ballpark with her father and the incredible experience it was. My goal was to capture that inner child moment and the magic and awe of being in a ballpark.”

Model’s Moment: “Except for a few maintenance workers, Ken and I had the entire ballpark to ourselves. My heart was racing and I couldn’t stop smiling, even though sweat was burning my eyes. Going to baseball games with my father is probably my best childhood memory … today I was flooded me with beautiful flashback of magical baseball moments.”

July 13, 2010

Photo: Fern Shen.

Photographer’s Moment: “Boog’s Sink! The sink was so clean and dry and silver in the hot sun and all I could think of was how gooey and greasy and covered with barbecue sauce it must be during games. I love Boog’s Barbecue and especially loved it back when Boog himself was there a lot during games. How cool to have somebody who hit 339 career home runs serve me pit beef!”

July 14, 2010

Photo: Dennis Trencher.

Photographer’s Moment: “The warehouse in the morning rush hour rain.”

July 15, 2010

Photo: Karen Howard

Photographer’s Moment: “Future stars tour the Yard. They were behind the gate and I was outside.”

July 16, 2010

Photo: Mike Lurie

Photographer’s Moment: “For more than a generation, the dean of Oriole beat writers was a true gentleman by the name of Lou Hatter, who liked to say that he began his newspaper career covering a hanging at the Baltimore City Jail. The “dean” honorific now belongs to veteran scribe Jim Henneman, who harkens to the days when the News-American was the News-Post. When the News folded, Henneman began a long tenure at the Evening Sun [R.I.P.] He now writes for Press Box and is shown monitoring the Orioles 4-to-2 loss to Toronto.”

July 17, 2010

Photo: John Elliott V

Photographer’s Moment: Said Daily Camden veteran Elliott: “I just call this one, ‘Earl.’ “

July 18, 2010

Photo: Don Clark

Photographer’s Moment: “Maryland’s official state flower, the Black Eyed Susan, blooms nicely in the shadow of a hot and steamy Oriole Park. This pleasant view was in sharp contrast to the “black eye” the Orioles would suffer at the hands of the Toronto Blue Jays later in the day in a 10-1 loss and a pounding of the young O’s pitcher Brian Matusz.

July 19, 2010

Photo: Christopher Llewellyn Reed

Photographer’s Moment: “David Hernandez eats up an inning or two in the Orioles 8 to 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.”

July 20, 2010

Photo: Skip Booth

Photographer’s Moment: “First Lady Michelle Obama on the infield with kids involved in the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities project and the Boys & Girls Club. Ceremonial first pitches were thrown by the youngsters to outfielders Adam Jones and Nick Markakis.”

July 21, 2010

Photo: Tricia Mudd

Photographer’s Moment: “Early morning of an afternoon game at the Yard.”

July 22, 2010

Photo: Meghan Hardy

Photographer’s Moment: “I was walking around on my lunch hour in the 93 degree heat. I suppose this photo is a subconscious wish for relief!”

July 23, 2010

Photo: Philip Laubner

Photographer’s Moment: “Michael, the greatest O’s fan since Wild Bill …”

July 24, 2010

Photo: Nina Themelis

Photographer’s Moment: “It amazed me that the flags of Baltimore, Maryland, and the USA in front of Camden Yards could actually be waving in the wind when according to the weatherman and my body we were well into the 100s today with the heat index downtown at 108 degrees … it created an illusion that there might be a breeze.”

July 25, 2010

Photo: Jon Gallo

Photographer’s Moment: “The view from right-center field in the Orioles 10-to-4 loss to the Minnesota Twins.”

July 26, 2010

Photo: Kevin Smith

Photographer’s Moment: “Hooper running …”

July 27, 2010

Photo: Tyler Fitzpatrick

Photographer’s Moment: “As a photo intern for the Orioles I spend a lot of time inside the warehouse, and also shooting the games when the team is in town. I love what the warehouse can add to the photos sometimes, and how it’s such a prominent part of Camden Yards. A view of the field from the warehouse is something that many people don’t have the privilege of seeing, so I thought I’d get a good photo looking out onto the field from the floor I work on.”

July 28, 2010

Photo: Jenny O’Grady

Photographer’s Moment: “I know it’s silly, but every time I wait in line to enter Camden Yards, I squish Babe Ruth’s head. It’s not that I don’t respect him — I really do. Rather, I think it’s because the ballpark makes me feel like a little kid, and that’s what little kids do.”

July 29, 2010

Photo: Olivia Obineme

Photographer’s Moment: “I’ve never visited Birdland at night, but all the lights made it come alive.”

July 30, 2010

Photo: Richard Tryzno Ellsberry

Photographer’s Moment: “For Baltimore folks like me who are more into the arts than professional sports, Oriole Park arrived in the community as an unexpectedly lovely gift. Elegant, old-timey, open-air, designed (as I recall) by a woman architect, it remains a place for reliving old memories & constructing new ones …”

July 31, 2010

Photo: Dave Pugh

Photographer’s Moment: “Growing up, Brooks was always my favorite player. This card is from 1968, the year I got serious about baseball cards and the Orioles. I love that the retired numbers on the plaza are a link to better times”

August 1, 2010

Photo: Kenneth Stukes

Photographer’s Moment: “Workers manicure the field while the Orioles lose 3 of 4 in Kansas City.”

August 2, 2010

Photo: Wayne Countryman

Photographer’s Moment: “The Bromo Tower as seen through Babe’s sculpted ankles … couldn’t get into Showalter press conference. Thanks to Tim Flach for helping out with the assignment.”

August 3, 2010

Photo: Caryn Coyle

Photographer’s Moment: “Frederick native Keith Milburn and Santa Monica, California, girl Tanzy Noorda before the Orioles’ game against the Angels of Anaheim. New Birds’ manager Buck Showalter led the home team to a 6 to 3 win.”

August 4, 2010

Photo: Dean Bartoli Smith

Photographer’s Moment: “When the day comes, this yard is where I want my ashes spread.”

August 5, 2010

Photo: Tony Shore

Photographer’s Moment: “View of the Yard from a Pigtown rooftop … I like the how the night sky and stadium glow feels like a black velvet painting.”

August 6, 2010

Photo: M.S. Sanders

Photographer’s Moment: “A sepia Babe meditates upon Crabtown before the Orioles win their fourth game in a row in the Showalter era.”

August 7, 2010

Photographer: Bruce Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “A drive-by shooting…of Camden Yards.”

August 8, 2010

Photo: Caryn Coyle

Photographer’s Moment: “Dean Bartoli Smith, poet of the National Pastime and author of “Bleeding Orange,” Sons of Crabtown, 2009, Macon Street Books.”

August 9, 2010

Photo: Nick DiMarco

Photographer’s Moment: “A part-time bartender and full-time sign waving superstar, entices O’s fans with $2 Natty Boh’s and other inexpensive libations in front of The Bullpen, a relatively new bar added to Washington Boulevard at the start of the 2010 Orioles season.”

August 10, 2010

Photo: public domain

Photographer’s Moment: “For the second time in 126 days, a “Daily Camden” volunteer failed to post for the assignment. As is custom on these rare occurrences, we give you Memorial Stadium, R.I.P.”

August 11, 2010

Photo: Emma Remsberg

Photographer’s Moment: “I like this picture because of the shape of the water. Also, I’m interested in studying graphic design and have been experimenting with Photoshop a lot, hence the unrealistically green grass.”

August 12, 2010

Photo: Chris Ciattei

Photographer’s Moment: “There is water in one way or another in a lot of photos I take. It was the only puddle I found that reflected any part of the stadium, taken after a rare morning thunderstorm at about 9 a.m. while the Birds were in Cleveland. I was spending some time with my brother and he thought it was great shot. It just seemed right.”

August 13, 2010

Photo: Michael D. Golden

Photographer’s Moment: “My late grandfather worked at the warehouse back in the day. As a kid, I was always amazed that he could go work in such a huge building and find his way home every evening. I’m still grateful that the landmark was preserved and incorporated in the overall design of the complex.”

August 14, 2010

Photo: Zach Pollack

Photographer’s Moment: “As I arrived at the stadium, the ticket counter was the first thing that popped out to me … the first place every baseball fan goes when they want to see a game.”

August 15, 2010

Photo: Leslie F. Miller

Photographer’s Moment: “My daughter Serena reading The Staircase, by Ann Rinaldi (summer assignment for incoming 7th graders) while wearing a t-shirt of the semi-fabulous Four. Her mom is not a Beatles fan.”

August 16, 2010

Photo: Jennifer Bishop

Photographer’s Moment: “As the game began, I chased groups of people heading toward Camden Yards. I could spot them blocks away, all seeming hypnotically drawn to the same place. It was 7:00pm and the light was changing, moving like the people. I had to run to keep up, every now and then stopping someone for a quick shot. There were many enraptured faces, but I liked this shot of these teenagers the most for the authenticity of their gaze.”

August 17, 2010

Photo: Jonny Pine

Photographer’s Moment: “A baseball game is fleeting, but by buying Orioles’ merchandise a part of the game comes home with you.”

August 18, 2010

Photo: Lea Coyle

Photographer’s Moment: “Pubs on Washington Boulevard just across the street from Camden Yards.”

August 19, 2010

Photo: Stacy Spaulding

Photographer’s Moment: “A bag of baseballs stands ready in the Rangers bullpen before the game.”

August 20, 2010

Photo: Joyce Murphy

Photographer’s Moment: “Since my office is located on one of the upper floors at the South Warehouse, I have a ‘bird’s eye view’ of a portion of the stadium. As I look out the window, I am captivated by the bright orange colors along with the structural arrangement.”

August 21, 2010

Photo: Noam Sane

Photographer’s Moment: “Pleasant geometry after the Rangers game.”

August 22, 2010

Photo: Angelo Jenkins, age 9

Photographer’s Moment: “I looked at the different angles of the stadium before I took the picture.”

August 23, 2010

Photo: Bill Hughes

Photographer’s Moment: “The un-sung clean-up hitter washing down the bleacher seats out in the center field section of the Yard.”

August 24, 2010

Photo: Lorraine Whittlesey

Photographer’s Moment: “The Man of Steel guards Camden Yards.”

August 25, 2010

Photo: John Lewis

Photographer’s Moment: “My cousin Tim and I went to Memorial Stadium as kids, and he was preoccupied with the lighting rigs, saying things like, ‘Man, I’d like to be the guy to change those bulbs.’ Years later, he became an electrician and actually helped wire the light towers at Camden Yards. He even installed a few bulbs.”

August 26, 2010

Photo: Bunny Jenn Themelis

Photographer’s Moment: “My husband and I used to work at Camden Yards together during our high school years. We were both working the night Cal broke Lou Gehrig’s streak. Despite our familiarity, we still felt like we were seeing the stadium anew…”

August 27, 2010

Photo: Dean Smith

Photographer’s Moment: “Embedded in the molding of Camden Station is the number of the most celebrated Oriole to have graced the diamond at Camden Yards.”

August 28, 2010

Photo: Victor Paul Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “My brother Danny — on a rare visit to the City of Baltimore, the day after the wedding of his daughter Erica to Jimmy Rupert. We stopped by the Yard on the way to Cross Street Market to slurp oysters.”

August 29, 2010

Photo: Roxanna Pollack

Photographer’s Moment: “Warehouse Building A”

August 30, 2010

Photo: D.R. Belz

Photographer’s Moment: “I remember when all of this happened because of a fire. It was the night before the old wooden Oriole Park at Greenmount and 29th burned to the ground—when you could see the glow from all over town. Nobody knew what started the fire. Somebody said it was a thrown cigarette. Some people said it was the Krauts. Whoever did it they started checking people real careful after that. That’s why I still think she didn’t have long to wait before they got around to deporting her anyway…”
–from “Smart Boy” in White Asparagus by D.R. Belz

August 31, 2010

Photo: Joe Tropea

Photographer’s Moment: “Some of the 18,247 baseball fans at the Yards as the O’s kick some Red Sox ass.”

September 1, 2010

Photo: Harry Bosk

Photographer’s Moment: “BEER MAN!”

September 2, 2010

Photo: Caryn Coyle

Photographer’s Moment: “Pink clouds over Camden Yards as Hurricane Earl (Weaver!) approached the East Coast.”

September 3, 2010

Photo: Max Robinson

Photographer’s Moment: “Die-hard O’s fan Zach Lyon psyches himself up for an 8th inning comeback shortly before the Birds’ 4-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.”

September 4, 2010

Photo: Lisa Singer

Photographer’s Moment: “Going nuts for the Birds!!!”

September 5, 2010

Photo: Dan Cuddy

Photographer’s Moment: “My grandson Kyle standing with a giant bobblehead of the Oriole Bird during an 8 to 7 win over Tampa Bay.

September 6, 2010

Photo: Allison Sheldon

Photographer’s Moment: “Sports Legends and phantom Navy cadets …”

September 7, 2010

Photo: Macon Street Books

Photographer’s Moment: “Cut and paste, sugar . . .”

September 8, 2010

Photo: Sharon Reuter

Photographer’s Moment: “Shooting the Daily Camden project this late in the season puts you at a disadvantage because so many good shots have been taken since April. At this point, I am thinking what hasn’t been done yet? So I went crazy with color to make this shot unique.”

September 9, 2010

Photo: Bruce Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “Crowds around the stadium were light with the O’s between games on the road.”

September 10, 2010

Photo: Dean Bartoli Smith

Photographer’s Moment: “A crying shame…”

September 11, 2010

Photo: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “The Yard’s ‘Honor Award for Architecture’ plaque on the north side of the stadium.”

September 12, 2010

Photo: Jonathan Pine, Jr.

Photographer’s Moment: “The changing of the Bird!”

September 13, 2010

Photo: Brooke Hall

Photographer’s Moment: “BLUE!”

September 14, 2010

Photo: Beth Sherring

Photographer’s Moment: “A Showalter kind of night!”

September 15, 2010

Photo: Richard Byrne

Photographer’s Moment: “For me, the charm of Camden Yards is as much history as baseball. What other stadium is located on such a significant historical site — the first bloodshed of the Civil War during the Pratt Street riots of 1861.”

September 16, 2010

Photo: Jim Burger

Photographer’s Moment: “The great writer Tom Nugent, author of the story collection ‘Dispensations from Reality” at Memorial Stadium, Baltimore.”

September 17, 2010

Photo: Glenn Donithan

Photographer’s Moment: “Brooks backs up Cal on the skin of the infield…”

September 18, 2010

Photo: Moriah Davis

Photographer’s Moment: “We jumped out of the car, took the picture and jumped back in!”

September 19, 2010

Photo: Pamela Wood

Photographer’s Moment: “The Yankess fans were loud during Sunday’s game, but O’s fans all of a sudden got super-loud. I looked over the railing and saw this young O’s fan in the left field lower deck seats!”

September 20, 2010

Photo: Macon Street Books

Photographer’s Moment: “An Alvarez photo of a Burger photo of Nugent on hallowed ground . . .”

September 21, 2010

Photo: Edgar L. Davis

Photographer’s Moment: “While the O’s were away, workmen left some doors open to the club/suite Level. A blackbird flew in, and unable to find a way out, became trapped. I found it perched in a window overlooking the football stadium. Too bad it wasn’t a Raven.”

September 22, 2010

Photo: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “Now that Buck has the team winning and the name “Baltimore” has been restored to the away jerseys, it’s time to bring back the cartoon bird . . .”

September 23, 2010

Photo: Edwin Remsberg

Photographer’s Moment: “Another Memorial Stadium photo on a day when the assigned Daily Camden photo struck out. Of this pic, Remsberg said, “O’s vs White Sox, 1986. I probably should have just quit shooting baseball as soon as I shot it because I never felt like I got anything near as good on the diamond after this.”

September 24, 2010

Photo: Bruce Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “The warehouse and stadium lend themselves to a vintage treatment.”

September 25, 2010

Photo: Macon Street Books

Photographer’s Moment: “Leon Day Way obscured . . .”

September 26, 2010

Photo: John Elliott / Rohan Photo Agency

Photographer’s Moment: “First Oriole plaque beyond the flag court . . .”

September 27, 2010

Photo: Joyce Murphy

Photographer’s Moment: “A dreary day outside. Inside, south warehouse lobby attendant assists a business tenant. Chris has been overseeing Security Control at 351 W Camden for the past three years with a smile.”

September 28, 2010

Photo: Virginia Remsberg

Photographer’s Moment: “At first when I saw the seats being cleaned, I thought they were sweeping them with a broom; then I realized that it was a pressure-washer with a broom-shaped spray. I thought, Wow — I’m really glad the seats get pressure-washed. Then I thought, Yuck — the seats have to be pressure-washed.”

September 29, 2010

Photo: Lauren Barnhart

Photographer’s Moment: “My first trip ever to Camden Yards…”

September 30, 2010

Photo: Bruce Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “A drizzly fall day near the end of the baseball season.”

October 1, 2010

Photo: Unknown

Photographer’s Moment: “Old scoreboard from Memorial Stadium, 33rd street. Notice the score and the winning team.”

October 2, 2010

Photographer’s Moment: “Dimensions of the old ball yard on 33rd street.”

October 3, 2010

Photo: Stacy Spaulding

Photographer’s Moment: “Billy Ho of Arbutus is optimistic about the team’s chances next season. The other side reads ‘Buck Fever.’ “

Extra Innings

June 6, 2010

Photo: JoAnna Daemmrich

Photographer’s Moment:
” A single for the Orioles, and life begins to look up again after a 10-game losing streak.”

June 10, 2010

Photo: Bruce Goldfarb

Photographer’s Moment: “I wish the Orioles reflected better on Baltimore.”

June 12, 2010

Photographer:Beth Sherring

Photographer’s Moment: “The lights made the old Camden station house look as hot as I felt – almost on fire.”

June 13, 2010

Photographer: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “When I first started taking pictures of Amelia at Orioles games, T-Bone Shelby was an outfielder and not the first base coach.”

June 22, 2010

Photographer: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “My old and good friend Chris Trieble at the Yard — remembering the days when his father Jim took him to Memorial Stadium to see the great Orioles teams of the 1970s.”

June 27, 2010

Photo: Janice Saylor

Photographer’s Moment: “Sibling rivalry at the Yard !”

June 27, 2010

Photo: Stacy Spaulding

Photographer’s Moment: “Al has worked for the Birds for 30 years. Here, he shows off the ring he was given in 2005 to commemorate his 25th anniversary as an employee. On Sunday, he was taking tickets at Gate E.”

June 30, 2010

Photo: Becky Remsberg

Photographer’s Moment: “I wanted to photograph the things at the Yard that people don’t see. When you’re taking pictures of trash, nobody yells at you for blocking their view.”

July 8, 2010

Photo: Caryn Coyle

Photographer’s Moment: “The MVA media event used Camden Yards as a backdrop to demonstrate how speeding vehicles impact pedestrians.”

July 9, 2010

Photo: Wayne Countryman

Photographer’s Moment: “The Orioles’ game in Texas was postponed by a two and a half hour rain delay, but at home that afternoon the grounds crew kept the Camden grass green and the dust down with a lot of sprinkler water.”

July 12, 2010

Photo: Hannah Morgan

Photographer’s Moment: “Richard Jones, Baltimore native, buys tickets for the O’s game on the 17th when the team will be giving away Brooks Robinson t-shirts.”

July 17, 2010

Photo: Beth Sherring

Photographer’s Moment: “Smell the glove!”

July 20, 2010

Photo: Lenora Genovese

Photographer’s Moment: “I’ve always loved the architectural style of Camden Station. The windswept clouds made a beautiful backdrop to the towers.”

July 26, 2010

Photo: Hooper Smith, age 8

Photographer’s Moment: “The flowers are my favorite.”

August 3, 2010

Photo: Lisa Singer

Photographer’s Moment: “Knitting in the Yard at the dawn of the Showalter era…”

August 7, 2010

Photo: Wesley Riddle

Photographer’s Moment: “The “icterid blackbird” — better known as the Baltimore Oriole — got its name because its colors matched those of the coat-of-arms of Lord Baltimore. It is on the most of the paraphernalia being picked over by Orioles fans before they go inside the Yard to boo the White Sox.”

August 8, 2010

Photo: Nick DiMarco

Photographer’s Moment: “Abbondanza!!!”

August 20, 2010

Photo: David McAllister

Photographer’s Moment: “The side of the stadium, looking up. I like this one because all I can think of is a landing path for a UFO.”

August 20, 2010

Photo: Tyler Waldman

Photographer’s Moment: “Pitcher Neftali Feliz of the Texas Rangers stretches before Friday’s game against the Birds at the Yard. Orioles win, 8 to 6.”

August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

Photo: Beth Sherring

Photographer’s Moment: “My son Evan . . .”

August 30, 2010

Photo: Phil Laubner

Photographer’s Moment: “This shot is right before you leave the park near the number sculptures. The sun’s setting, the shadow of a park plaza lamp,with an Oriole’s promotional banner, rests on a service door for ticket attendants. The iPhone camera is pretty amazing. I used a program/app called hipstamatic that simulates an old lens and film.”

September 7, 2010

Photo: Jerry “Boh Boy” Smith

Photographer’s Moment: “On an early morning walk around Camden Yards, I ran across the guys who keep the park clean. Some work so others can play.”

September 14, 2010

Photo: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “Honoring the most valuable Oriole of 2010 with a free t-shirt night…”

September 27, 2010

Photo: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “A Montreal Expos cap wedged into Brookie’s No. 5 at the Yard in the rain…”

September 28, 2010

Photo: Rafael Alvarez

Photographer’s Moment: “Holding phone camera out window of car near Washington Boulevard and Greene Street, pointing at the sky and snapping away…”

September 30, 2010

Photo: Rob from Pickles Pub

Photographer’s Moment: “Monsoon on Russell Street…”

October 3, 2010

Photo: Wayne Countryman

Photographer’s Moment: “Fans getting off the light rail and heading to the stadium for the last game of the year.”