Hon: Past Present and Future


The ongoing Hontroversy unearthed a deep vein of emotion that is far more meaningful than a hairdo or a sticker.

William Patrick Tandy, publisher of the acclaimed Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore produced a special issue titled Hon: Past, Present and Future to capture the various connotations and denotations stirred up by this familiar term of endearment.

Tandy was also recently on WYPR’s The Signal talking about the Hon issue.

Hon: Past, Present and Future includes contributions by Bill Hughes, Heck, Dean Bartoli Smith, Joe Higler, Nancy Greene, China Martens, Cheryl Fair and many others, including WTBH’s Rafael Alvarez and Caryn Coyle, as well as photographs by A. Aubrey Bodine.

Within the pages, contributors reflect on what Hampden was and what it has become – for better or worse – and the shades of meaning that the word carries.

One of my favorites is a poem by Tracy Lee Santos reflecting on the commercialization of Hon.

But my absolute favorite is a transgressive ditty titled “Infringement” composed by Lloyd Stiles, quoted here in its entirety in clear violation of copyright, in the same spirit in which it was written:

Hon Hon Hon Hon Fuck you, bitch
Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon

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  2. Infinity 7 years ago

    That’s more than sensbile! That’s a great post!

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  3. Chris Richardson 3 years ago

    Thought you might be intrigued by this surprisingly expansive list of songs that all feature “Baltimore” in the title:


    I’m pretty certain this is the first such comprehensive gathering of Baltimore songs on the web – includes links to audio in most cases.


    Chris Richardson
    Silver Spring, MD

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