1. Scott Beyer says:


    I’m a freelance writer who is traveling the country to work on a book about the revitalizaton of U.S. cities. Currently I’m using my blog, Big City Sparkplug, to publicize it. I’m in Baltimore for a month, and will be writing about several issues–including it’s status as a “heroin capital”, and how it would be benefited by high speed rail to DC. I was wondering if there’d be an opportunity to have some of these works published on your site. Or there may be certain subjects you would want me to cover for you. Any input is appreciated.


  2. Jim Sulgrave says:

    I have just seen a program featuring the proprietor of Cafe Hon. I cant believe that woman caused you so much grief in your lovely town. Don’
    t you just hate superficial people like that.

  3. Anhchi Ha says:

    My name is Anhchi Ha, and I am writing a blog on the Federal Hill district for a class, and when I was googling blogs for ideas on how to start mine, I was very inspired by yours! I think your blog encompasses the area of Baltimore so well, and you give such great information for people looking for ideas of what to do in the city. Baltimore is such a vibrant, interesting city, and I think your blog does such a good job promoting that.


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