Cartoon Map of Baltimore

Some were born here, some died here, and some lived here during an important period of time. They all called Baltimore home at one time or another.

Over the years Baltimoreans have made countless contributions to the arts, sciences, and popular culture. Others improved the fabric of the city through their work and good deeds.

Cartoonist and writer Tom Chalkley created a cartoon map of prominent, famous, indispensable and highly interesting Baltimoreans. The map includes 176 caricatures of Baltimoreans past and present, as well as 40 landmark buildings.

You can click on a section of the map for a full-size view, and from there links to biographical information for each person.

A list of all people depicted on the map is below the image, along with others who didn’t make the the map this time.

A full-size poster of Chalkley’s cartoon map — signed by the artist — is available online here.

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People Depicted on Cartoon Map

The coordinates after each name indicate the location on the map.

Adams, “Little Willie”: Businessman [6-C]
Adams, Victorine: Political Organizer [6-D]
Alsop, Marin: Symphony Director [7-L]
Alvarez, Rafael: Writer [13-K]
Armisted, Col. George: Military Leader [15-S]
Baker, Russell: Writer [5-M]
Barger, Toots: Bowler [5-A]
Bascom, Marion: Pastor [8-G]
Berrigan, Philip: Activist [6-H]
Blake, Eubie: Musician [10-V]
Blalock, Alfred: Surgeon [9-W]
Blaustein, Jacob: Philanthropist [2-A]
Bodine, A. Aubrey: Photographer [15-W]
Bonaparte, Betsy: Socialite [6-Q]
Bunting, George: Pharmacist [5-J]
Burns, Clarence “Du”: Politician [9-T]
Butler, Gen. Benjamin: Military Leader [14-P]
Byrne, David: Musician [14-A]
Calloway, Cab: Bandleader [8-F]
Cardin, Ben: Politician [2-D]
Carroll, Charles: Patron [11-S]
Carroll, John: Archbishop [11-L]
Carson, Ben: Surgeon [8-T]
Carter, Walter P.: Organizer [10-A]
Chestnut, Cyrus: Musician [8-D]
Chideyah, Faral: Radio Show Host [2-S]
Cone, Etta & Claribel: Art Collectors [7-J]
Cowley, R Adams: Surgeon [10-G]
Cummings, Elijah: Politician [11-B]
Curran, J. Joseph: Politician [2-W]
D’Alesandro, Thomas Jr.: Politician [17-C]
Day, Leon: Baseball Player [9-C]
Demarco, Vinny: Activist [5-W]
Dixon, Sheila: Politician [10-P]
Dobson, Vernon: Pastor [8-J]
Dos Passes, John: Novelist [9-Q]
Douglass, Frederick: Abolitionist [13-W]
Dubois, W.E.B.: Author [3-T]
Dutton, Charles “Roc”: Actor [2-Q]
Eck, Johnny: Freak [11-U]
Elliott, Cass: Singer [4-A]
Embry, Robert: Developer [11-P]
Ennis, Ethel: Singer [6-E]
Epstein, Daniel Mark: Poet [4-J]
Fitzgerald, F. Scott and Zelda: Writers [1-L,M]
Fleischer, Leon: Pianist [9-N]
Fuqua, Jonathon Scott: Novelist [5-W]
Gaddy, Bea: Organizer [10-X]
Gans, Joe: Boxer [14-F]
Garrett, John Work: Railroad President [15-E]
Garrett, Mary Elizabeth: Philanthropist [9-T]
Garrison, William Lloyd: Abolitionist [10-N]
Geppi, Steve: Publisher [12-K]
Gilchrist, Lafayette: Pianist [10-D]
Glass, Philip: Composer [7-M]
Glover, Ruby: Singer [6-G]
Goldman, Duff: Chef [5-L]
Hagy, “Wild Bill”: Sports Fan [14-Y]
Hamilton, Edith: Headmistress [2-J]
Hammett, Dashiell: Writer [11-G]
Hartigan, Grace: Painter [12-V]
Hempel, Marc: Cartoonist [2-Y]
Heyn, Herman: Astronomer [12-N]
Holiday, Billie: Singer [7-F]
Hopkins, Johns: Philanthropist [6-U]
Jackson, Lillie Carroll: Civil Rights Leader [7-N]
Jacobson, Josephine: Poet [1-R]
Key, Francis Scott: Lawyer [16-V]
Lacy, Sam: Writer [9-H]
Lange, Mary Elizabeth: Religious Leader [7-R]
Larkins, Ellis: Pianist [7-D]
Lasek, Bucky: Skateboarder [17-X]
Latrobe, Benjamin: Architect [16-A]
Latrobe, Benjamin Jr: Engineer [16-B]
Latrobe, Ferdinand: Politician [16-C]
Leake, Eugene: Painter [1-W]
Levinson, Barry: Filmmaker [5-B]
Levy, Hank: Composer [1-N]
Lewis, Ray:Football Player [13-J]
Lewis, Reginald: Philanthropist [11-Q]
Lippmann, Laura: Writer [6-A]
Marshall, Thurgood: Justice [17-E]
McGraw, John: Baseball Player [11-X]
McGuirk, Harry: Politician [14-M]
McKay, Jim: Broadcaster [1-T]
McKeldin, Theodore: Politician [16-C]
McMillan, Enolia: Civil Rights Leader [8-E]
Mencken, H.L.: Writer [11-E]
Meyerhoff, Joseph: Developer [2-C]
Meyers, Isaac: Shipbuilder [13-S]
Miles, Reverend Douglas: Bishop [5-X]
Mfume, Kweisi: Political Leader [11-B]
Middleman, Raoul: Painter [16-Q]
Mikulski, Barbara: Politician [18-D]
Miller, Tom: Painter [6-T]
Mitchell, Clarence Jr.: Civil Rights Leader [17-G]
Mitchell, Juanita J.: Civil Rights Leader [17-H]
Mitchell, Parren: Politician [18-G]
Moore, Ralph: Community Organizer [7-S]
Murphy, Carl: Editor [15-H]
Murphy, John: Publisher [15-G]
Murphy, Madeline: Writer [14-H]
Nash, Ogden: Writer [4-K]
Nathans, Daniel: Scientist [8-X]
Navarro, Beltran: Organizer [10-S]
O’Hair, Madalyn Murray: Atheist [3-R]
Olmsted Brothers: Landscape Designers [4-P]
O’Malley, Martin: Politician [3-W]
Parks, Henry: Businessman [5-D]
Peabody, George: Merchant [8-N]
Pelosi, Nancy: Politician [18-C]
Peterman, Harry: Physician [16-N]
Phelps, Michael: Swimmer [2-F]
Pickersgill, Mary: Flagmaker [12-T]
Poe, Edgar Allan: Writer [10-E]
Pollack, Jack: Political Boss [4-B]
Ponselle, Rosa: Prima Diva [1-D]
Pope, Irona: Advocate [10-U]
Post, Emily: Author [8-N]
Pratt, Enoch, Philanthropist [9-J]
Quarles, Benjamin: Historian [4-T]
Rawlings, Howard “Pete”: Politician [1-D]
Ripken, Cal Jr.: Baseball Player [11-J]
Robinson, Brooks: Baseball Player [5-P]
Robinson, Frank: Baseball Player [5-Q]
Robinson, Wilbert: Baseball Player [12-K]
Rodricks, Dan: Writer [6-Y]
Rouse, James: Developer [12-M]
Ruiz, Jose: Advocate [10-U]
Ruth, Babe: Baseball Player [12-H]
Sandler, Gilbert: Writer [4-E]
Sarbanes, Paul: Politician [18-F]
Seton, Elizabeth: Saint [9-H]
Schaefer, William Donald: Politician [17-D]
Schlitz, Laura Amy: Author [2-D]
Schmoke, Kurt: Politician [5-C]
Schuler, Hans: Sculptor [6-P]
Scott, Joyce: Sculptor [6-G]
Shakur, Tupac: Recording Artist [8-K]
Shapiro, Karl: Poet [11-K]
Sherman, Abe: Newsstand Owner [10-J]
Shore, Tony: Painter [14-C]
Shriver, Pam: Tennis Player [1-A]
Simon, David: Writer [11-D]
Sisqo: Recording Artist [13-L]
Smith, Jada Pinkett: Actress [8-L]
Smith, Col. Samuel: Military Leader [14-P]
Snyder, Solomon: Scientist [7-W]
Sommer, Alfred: Physician [8-V]
Sondheim, Walter: Civic Leader [12-L]
Stanton, “Big Jim”: Radio Show Host [2-T]
Stein, Gertrude: Writer [8-P]
Steiner, Marc: Talk Show Host [1-C]
Struever, Bill: Developer [7-W]
Szold, Henrietta: Organizer [7-J]
Unitas, Johnny: Football Player [4-Q]
Taussig, Helen: Physician [9-V]
Thomas, Vivien: Surgical Assistant [9-X]
Tyler, Anne: Novelist [2-N]
Tyson, Elisha: Activist [5-F]
Walters, Henry: Art Collector [9-K]
Warfield, Wallis: Duchess [7-P]
Waters, John: Filmmaker [1-J]
Watkins, Levi: Physician [8-X]
Webb, Chick: Bandleader [9-D]
Welcome, Verda: Politician [3-B]
Wickham, DeWayne: Journalist [15-J]
Wickwire, Chester: Organizer [2-N]
Williams, Montel: Talk Show Host [15-L]
Winans, Ross: Locomotive Designer [8-B]
Winfrey, Oprah: Talk Show Host [4-F]
Wolman, Abel: Engineer [5-T]
Yardley, R. “Moco”: Cartoonist [3-K]

People Not (yet) depicted on cartoon map

Agnew, Spiro: Politician
Ashman, Howard: Composer
Astin, John: Actor
Banneker, Benjamin: Scientist
Carroll, Hattie: Waitress
Clancy, Tom: Author
Divine: Performer
Glover, John: Actor
Hasselhoff, David: Actor

Mergenthaler, Ottmar: Inventor
Moore, Garry: TV Show Host
Mo’Nique: Actor
Norton, Edward: Actor
Ocasek, Rick: Musician
O’Quinn, Terry: Actor
Osler, William: Physician
P.J. O’Rourke: Writer
Posey, Parker: Actor
Quivers, Robin: Radio Show Host
Reddick, Lance: Actor
Rollins, Howard: Actor
Rowe, Mike: TV Show Host
Sinclair, Upton: Writer
Starr, Blaze: Stripper
Tucker, Michael: Actor
Zappa, Frank: Musician

Have we overlooked somebody? We appreciate your suggestions for people to include in this ongoing project. Chalkley has hinted that he might consider undertaking a revised or updated version if there is demand.

All images © Copyright 2008-2010, Tom Chalkley


  1. DSL 5 years ago

    Overlooked on the Cartoon Map:
    Gina Schock, drummer (The Go-Go’s)
    Joan Jett, musician
    Tori Amos, musician
    Kathleen Turner, actress
    Jada Pinkett-Smith, actress
    Sargent Shriver, politician
    Harriet Tubman, abolitionist
    DMX, musician/rapper
    David Abercrombie, of Abercrombie & Fitch
    Linda Hamilton, actress
    Toni Braxton, singer
    Madalyn Murray O’Hara, activist
    Leon Uris, author
    Pat Sajak, game show host
    Alex Gaskarth, musician (All Time Low)
    Jack Barakat, musician (All Time Low)
    Zack Merrick, musician (All Time Low)
    Rian Dawson, musician (All Time Low)
    Carmelo Anthony, basketball player
    Juan Dixon, basketball player
    Connie Chung, journalist, Silver Spring, MD
    Goldie Hawn, actress, Takoma Park, MD

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  3. Sheila Dixon 2 years ago

    Sir Dr Charles W. Swan, Actor, Director, Doctor, Knighted, Medal of Freedom, Legion of Merit, Marquis Who’s Who in the World along with Pope Francis, Prince William, President Putin

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