MARC Commuter Train


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The MARC commuter train is a convenient and inexpensive connection between such major destinations as Penn Station, BWI Marshall Airport and Washington, DC.

The Penn Line runs north from Penn Station to the bedroom community of Perryville in Harford County. To the south, the Penn Line travels to Union Station with up to seven stops along the way. Express trains skip some stations, but all trains stop at BWI Marshall Airport.

The Camden Line, which is scheduled less often than the Penn Line, runs to Washington from Camden Station near the Inner Harbor, with one stop in St. Denis/Relay on the southwest side of the county.

One-way fare from Penn Station to Union Station is $8 ($16.00 round trip). Tickets can be purchased from a station agent or computerized kiosks, or from a conductor on a train.

The trains start leaving from Penn Station around 4:30 a.m., and the last train leaves Washington at 10:30 p.m. on weekdays MARC trains run more frequent during rush hours – every 15-30 minutes – and about once an hour during the mid-day.

Penn Line Schedule

Featured image by Ryan Stavely via Flickr under Creative Commons license