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Three Creepy Places to Visit

Get into the spirit of Halloween by visiting places that appeal to the morbidly curious. We know where you can walk through a spooky catacombs, view miniature models of death scenes, and see an actual human corpse as you learn […]

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The Gwynns Falls Trail

Although I’ve been aware of the Gwynns Falls Trail for some time, only recently have I begun exploring its contours in earnest. Traveling its 15-mile length is rewarded

Flying Fish

Craving a taste of Baltimore but confounded by the cruel fate of geography? Thanks to the miracle of overnight shipping, your taste buds could be in for

Farmers’ Markets

View Baltimore Farmers' Markets in a larger map The Baltimore area is fortunate to have a multitude of sources of fresh produce -- five city markets, Arabbers peddling fruits

Bike Trails

View Larger Map The Baltimore area has several well-developed trails that are ideal for biking, running, and walking with strollers. For the most part these trails are paved and