The Ultimate Baltimore Transportation Map

In keeping with our mission to encourage people to explore Baltimore, we created a free resource to help visitors and residents get around, put together on a new page cleverly named Getting Around.

Baltimore’s public transportation system gets a bad rap, in some cases deservedly so. The Metro subway almost pointlessly loops through town while missing major points of interest. There’s no Light Rail stop – or any mass transit except bus – in the county seat of Towson. Transferring from Metro to Light Rail is a chore.

But there are certain cases in which Baltimore’s mass transit really shines. The Light Rail avoids traffic and takes you to the front door of Camden Yards. And directly to the BWI Marshall Airport terminal. Taking the MARC to Washington, DC, costs less than parking and gas.

Baltimore also has some hidden gems – the free Charm City Circulator with three routes through the city center, and a free commuter water taxi.

But until now, good luck trying to figure things out. Searching the web and Google Maps, we found nothing showing the location, routes and proximity of public transportation in Baltimore.

What maps are available are graphical images or PDF documents. But no decent interactive maps that are suited for a smart phone.

So we made one. Our Getting Around map includes everything on wheels, rails, or water.

Now it is easy to visualize how one mode of transportation relates to another, and through the power of the web you can get walking or driving directions to the closest stop. A visitor to Baltimore can get a sense of the lay of the land and better plan out a trip.

Nobody else has a map like ours. Not the City of Baltimore, not even the Maryland Transit Administration.

The Getting Around resources will be improved and enhanced over time. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Send your thoughts to

We hope you enjoy the Getting Around map and page. Use it, bookmark it, share it.