Video of the Week: Fun with the WJZ News Team

In a time long, long ago (well, okay, it was the early ‘80s), local news folks often did fun promo spots for their respective stations.

Really. We’re totally serious.

And oftentimes, it seemed that Channel 13, WJZ, did them better than anyone else.

The Eyewitness News Team of Jerry Turner, anchor; Bob Turk, weather; and Nick Charles, sports, did a series of fun promo spots that we all watched again and again.

This was the time before all those cable stations existed and when news wasn’t running somewhere 24 hours a day.

The times seemed simpler back then. And it was a big deal when WJZ went to having an hour-long newscast at 6 p.m. We all wondered, “How are they going to stretch out the news for an hour?”

What were we thinking?

Anyway, enjoy this clip, which is composed of many of the promos that the trio shot. And make sure to watch to the end. Seeing Jerry Turner as a “short order cook” is worth the wait.